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Moving Picture World, New York, May 12, 1917.

American Army in France

(...) Hearst-Pathé News, Moving Picture World, Aug. 4, 1917, detail

& In the Wake of the Huns

(...) Pathe, Moving Picture World, Sept. 22, 1917, detail

& The President Calls for War without Hate“ (...)

      At 8:30 o‘clock this evening President Wilson,

addressing both branches of the 65th Congress, assembled

in the House of Representatives, called for war

against an irresponsible and inhuman Imperial German

Government, without rancor, selfish objects or

enmity toward the German people, all to the end of making

,the world itself at last free.‘“ (...)

(...) New York Tribune, April 3, 1917, front page

& Later developments in the resignation

of S. L. Rothapfel as head of the First National Exhibitors‘

Circuit show that the Rialto and Rivoli manager has

entirely severed his connection with the distributing concern,

and has also given up his New York franchise

on the new series of Chaplin comedies. The franchise was sold

to the Mark Realty Corporation, which owns the

Strand theatre, and the first of the new Chaplins was shown

at the Strand on March 13.

(...) Notes of the Industry In General

Brief News Of New York In Particular, Motography, April 6, 1918

„To Begin Business Immediately“

Editorial content. „Rothapfel Heads Exhibitors Combine.

      New Organization Also Names J. D. Williams as Manager

      – To Begin Business Immediately“ (...)

Redaktioneller Inhalt

Alan Nevins & Henry Steele Commager, The Pocket History

of the United States, New York 1942: „In the presidential elections

of 1916 Wilson was successful, largely because he had ,kept

us out of war.‘“

      He Kept Us Out of War. That´s his campaign slogan.

The fighting in Europe dominates the campaign. Woodrow Wilson campaigns for re-election on a pledge of continued neutrality

in the World War One

      Election night is on November 7, 1916. The electoral vote

is one of the closest in American history – with 266 votes needed

to win, Wilson takes 30 states for 277 electoral votes, while

Hughes wins 18 states and 254 electoral votes.

      After the sinking of seven U.S. merchant ships by submarines

and the publication of the Zimmerman telegram, Wilson

calls for war on Germany, which the U.S. Congress declares

on April 6, 1917.

Am 28. Juli 1914 hat der Erste Weltkrieg begonnen –

„the european war“ wird er oft in amerikanischen Zeitungen

vorerst noch genannt. Am 7. November 1916 gewinnt

US-Präsident Wilson die Wiederwahl. Sein Slogan –

He kept us out of war – ist erfolgreich. Am 6. April 1917 ruft

Wilson aber zum Krieg gegen Deutschland auf.

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