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Chaplin at Karno´s, NYC Clippings 1/51

Variety,  New York, May 21, 1910.

Fred Karno, undated

& Alf Reeves, Amy Minister (his wife), Muriel Palmer, Charles

Chaplin on SS Albania, September 1910,

Charles Chaplin, Die Geschichte meines Lebens, Frankfurt 1964



(...) Photo, San Francisco Call, May 5, 1912

& Alf Reeves, Chaplin Studio Manager,

Los Angeles, Sept. 1929, detail

& Charles Chaplin (right) with other members of Karno‘s

Company on US-tour, undated

& „Dandy Thieves



These Acts Are All Copyrighted.

Permanent Address, 27 Vaughan Rd., Camberwell, London


For Time Apply Direct to ALF RREVES, Manager

(...) Variety, July 2, 1910

& Amie Minister, the ingenue of the Fred Karno

Company, is dangerously ill with blood poisoning, the result

of a small splinter in her finger. The doctors have

found it necessary to operate twice and she had been out

of the company a week.

(...) Variety, March 26, 1910

„Along with the others“

Editorial content. „The Karno Company presented

for the first time this week in London Jimmy, the Fearless;

or the Boy Hero. Alf. Reeves, just returned from

America with the Karno Company (playing over there for

the past three seasons), saw the initial performance

and received permission from Fred Karno to offer it in America

next season, along with the others that the company

has been presenting there. It is likely that Mr. Reeves will take

over one or two others from the Karno repertoire.“   

      Stan Laurel, Theatrical Career of Stan Laurel,

      Hal Roach Studios, Los Angeles 1932: „I returned to Vaudeville

      again as a single act when I was scouted by a famous

      comedy producer, Fred Karno. In his company was Charlie

      Chaplin who was their principal comedian. After I was

      with this company a couple of months Karno sent down a script

      for a new show he wanted to produce with the company

      the following Monday in London. We were all given our parts;

      Chaplin, of course, had the star part. We immetiatly went

      into rehearsal, and towards the end of the week Karno came

      personally to witness a rehearsal. This production was

      Jimmy the Fearless. At the last minute Chaplin told Karno

      he didn‘t like the show and refused to open in it. Karno

      then picked me out of the troupe and gave me the part, which

      I rehearsed Saturday and Monday, and opened in London

      on Monday night.

      The show was a terrific hit. Chaplin sat in front and

      watched my performance for one whole week, than he decided

      he would play the part. I still continued with the

      troupe playing second comedian, also understudying Chaplin

      in a repertoire of about ten Karno shows.

      In 1910, the troupe was booked to play in America.“

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