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Chaplin at Karno´s, USA/Canada Clippings 173/286

Variety, New York, January 3, 1913.

Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington,

about 1910, postcard in color

& Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington,

1913, postcard in color

& Oh! You‘ll Remember Me

The Wow-Wows

Charles Chaplin

Biele & Girard

Inez Lawson

Advertisement, undated

„Karno Comedy Co“

Editorial content. „Bills Next Week (January 6)

      Tacoma, Wash.

      Empress (sc)

      3 Alex

      Harry Sauber

      I Died

      Biele & Gerard

      Ines Lawson

      Karno Comedy Co“

      Empress Theatre, Pacific and So. 9th, Tacoma,

      The Wow Wows, January 6, 1913.

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