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Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, June 20, 1914.

Mabel‘s Married Life Scenes

& „Adult Only“ Theater Ordinance Introduced in City Council.

      An ordinance was introduced in the city council

Monday night, June 15th, by Alderman Ellis Geiger, after

consultation with Major M. L. C. Funkhouser,

second deputy superintendent and head of the censorship

bureau. (...)

      The present rule of the censors is to inspect all pictures

,through the eyes of a child.‘ This, in addition to

barring a large number of films completely, leads to what

manufacturers sometimes charge is extreme

severity in ordering ,cut-outs.‘ Under the proposed

system a film owner could present it

for inspection for a permit of either class.


By Jas. S. McQuade

)This week‘s installment by G. P. von Harleman.),

Moving Picture World, June 27, 1914

,Mabel‘s Married Life‘ Keystone Comedy

Advertisement. „Central Park

      First Run MUTUAL MOVIES


      Ninth Street, Just Above G. N. W.

      TONIGHT (...)

      „Mabel‘s Married Life“

      Keystone Comedy (...)

      „Good Music.“   „1,000 Seats.“

      Central Park, 728 Ninth St. NW, Washington, D. C.

      Mabel‘s Married Life is

      released by Keystone June 20, 1914.


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