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New York Times, New York, August 9, 1914.

Strand, exterior by night, New York,

April 11, 1914 (nota bene – this is the opening night)

& Strand, auditorium, New York

(...) Photoplay, April 1915

& World War One, Run on German American Bank

(147 Fourth Avenue, New York City),

August 3, 1914 (date created or published later by Bain News

Service), Bain Collection, Library of Congress

& Strand (...) Noon to 11.30 P. M.

„Rendezvous of the Elite“

Coolest Spot in New York

To-day and All This Week

The Lost Paradise

Comic, Scientia and Travel Pictures

Strand Concert Orchestra & Quartette.

(...) New York Tribune, Aug. 30, 1914

& STRAND (...) Noon to 11.30 P. M.

„Rendezvous of the Elite“

Coolest Spot in New York

To-day and All This Week

Robert Edeson in

The Call of the North

Comic, Scientia & Travel Pictures

Strand Orchestra and Soloists

(...) New York Times, Aug. 9, 1914

& „I remember, I remember.“ ... „Backward, turn backward, Oh!

Time in thy flight.“ ... Let‘s travel down memory lane.

Remember the Unique Theatre on Fourteenth Street in little old

New York? It is 1905. The barker outside the Unique

(the same type of barker you see today in front of the Broadway

cinema palace) is shouting to the curious throngs,

„Step right inside folks, here we have the foist talkin‘ pitchers,

only a dime folks, one-tenth of a dollar. Be the foist

ones to see talkin‘ movin‘ pitchers.“ Three decades have rolled

merrily on since that memorable event. What changes

time has wrought!

      Here on Fourteenth Street motion picture history was

being made. Recall the Edison Talking Machine?

It was via this apparatus that the „foist talkin‘ pitcher“ made

its debut on Fourteenth Street. That good old street,

the Times Square of another era. The street which lays claim

to being the street mentioned as „the corner of the

square“ in that famous poem, „The Face on the Barroom Floor“.

(...) Looking Back With Bill Levee, Motion Picture Herald,

March 30, 1935

& H. B. Warner in The Lost Paradise is the principal feature

at the Strand Theatre. The Lost Paradise is a pictorial

argument in behalf of oppressed laborers, The Strand Topical

Review this week contains some interesting pictures

of the present European situation. The Strand also has a new

Keystone comedy and scientific and travel pictures. The

musical programme for the week is an elaborate one. The concert orchestra of twenty-five soloists will give classical as well

as popular selections and the Strand Opera Quartet will furnish selections from well known operas, in costume.

(...) New York Tribune, Aug. 30, 1914

„Other pictures will be a new Keystone comedy“

Editorial content. „NOTES WRITTEN ON THE SCREEN“ (...)

      „At the Strand Theatre the principal photo play for

the week is The Call of the North, an adaption by George

Broadhurst of Stuart Edward White‘s novel,

Conjuror‘s House, in which the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play

Company presents Robert Edeson. It was staged

in the Big Tiger Indian country of Northern Canada and Great

Bear Valley of Southern California by Cecil De Mille,

with Wilffred Buckland acting in the capacity of artistic decorator

and the author aiding in the production. The Strand

topical review includes European army and navy pictures.

The management of the Strand Theatre has made

arrangements with the Konigrafen Film Company of Copenhagen

to ship war pictures for exhibition at the Strand. These

pictures will be shown on the screen as soon as received.

Other pictures will be a new Keystone comedy,

the scenic and scientific studies.The Strand Concert Orchestra

will give a classical and popular programme. Frank

Coombs, tenor; John P. Rogers and Marion Reiner, and

a male quartet will make up the vocal programme.“

      Strand Theatre, Broadway and 47th Street., New York.

      The Face on the Barroom Floor is

      released by Keystone Aug. 10, 1914.

Redaktioneller Inhalt

Alan Nevins & Henry Steele Commager, The Pocket History

of the United States, New York 1942:

      „In the presidential elections of 1916 Wilson was successful,

largely because he had ,kept us out of war.´“


Am 28. Juli 1914 hat der Erste Weltkrieg begonnen –

„the european war“ wird er oft in amerikanischen Zeitungen

vorerst noch genannt.

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