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The Star Boarder Clippings 1/31

Salt Lake Telegram, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 4, 1914.

C. W. Midgley, Exhibitor of Today.

Visits New York to Get the Best Equipment for His New

$150,000 Picture Theater in Salt Lake City.

One of two photos. The Liberty Theater, Salt Lake City.

(...) Moving Picture World, Feb. 22, 1913

& Interior, Liberty Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(...) Moving Picture World. Oct. 2, 1915

„Keystone Comedy“

Advertisement. „Liberty

      The Motion Picture Palace“ (...)

      „Sunday and Monday“ (...)

      The Star Boarder – Keystone Comedy“ (...)

      „Liberty Theatre Pipe Organ“ (...)

      Liberty Theatre, 2219 N. Sheffield Avenue, Chicago.

      The Star Boarder is

      released by Keystone April 4, 1914.


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