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Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, April 8, 1914.

The Star Boarder Title and Scenes

& „College Theatre, Sheffield Ave., Chicago,“ 1909,

postcard in color, Cinema Treasures

& College Theatre, stage as seen from the balcony,

Chicago, 1910s, DePaul University Library

& College Theatre, auditorium featuring murals and

decoration on ceiling, main orchestra floor seats,

balconies and box seats along the side, Chicago, 1907,

DePaul University Library

„A Funny Keystone Comedy“

Editorial content. „COLLEGE“ (...)

      „A Funny Keystone Comedy

      The Star Boarder“ (...)

      College Theatre, 2219 N. Sheffield Avenue, Chicago.

      The Star Boarder is released by Keystone April 4, 1914.

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