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The Tramp Clippings 1/63

Sun, New York, April 3, 1915.

The Tramp Title

& „The Hippodrome, New York,“ exterior by day,

1907, postcard in color, detail

& Hippodrome, ticket office, New York, undated,

Museum of the City of New York

& Hippodrome, audience, New York, 1913 – Seats For

Six Thousand A partial view of the interior of the

Hippodrome, in New York City, which exploits a highly specialized

type of spectacular plays that are mounted on a scale

of extraordinary size. 

& Charlotte, premier skater, in Hip, Hip, Hooray,

at the Hippodrome

(...) New York Tribune, Oct, 17, 1915

& The Eye of The World is on The Hippodrome (...)

Test Your Own Eyes

HipHipH Hoorayh Hippodrome

(...) New York Tribune, May 14, 1916

„Charles Chaplin features“

Editorial content. „Plays and Players“ (...)

      „Beginning to-morrow Charles Chaplin features released

by the Essanay Company will be added to

the motion picture programme at the Hippodrome.“

      Hippodrome, 6th Ave from 43rd to 44th Sts, New York.

      The Tramp is released by Essanay April 12, 1914.

Redaktioneller Inhalt

Alan Nevins & Henry Steele Commager, The Pocket History

of the United States, New York 1942:

      „In the presidential elections of 1916 Wilson was successful,

largely because he had ,kept us out of war.‘“


Am 28. Juli 1914 hat der Erste Weltkrieg begonnen –

„the european war“ wird er oft in amerikanischen Zeitungen

vorerst noch genannt.

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Chaplins Schatten

Bericht einer Spurensicherung