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A Busy Day Clippings 1/17

El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, May 5, 1914.

A Busy Day Titles & Scene

& Keystone Company, New York Motion

Picture Corporation, Longacre Building, East Side

of Broadway North from 42nd Street,

New York, undated, postcard in color, Brown Brothers

& Grecian, exterior by day, poster

Reliance Runa Plays Cupid, El Paso, 1913, pinterest

& This is the way Ben Lewis and Vincent

Andrea, managers of the Grecian theatre, El Paso, Texas,

decorated their lobby for the showing of Earthbound.

(...) Moving Picture World, Jan. 5, 1921

& Another large week for

Kay–Bee, Keystone, Domino, Broncho

Monday, May 4th. The Keystone Company

will release a split reel, the educational end being, showing

you how our daily paper is made, and the Comedy

part, bring A Busy Day, in which Charles Chaplin, the great Keystone

Comedian, shows his versatility. (...)

Photos (...) 15 cents for one – 50 cents for sets of four –

$1,00 for sets of eight

Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett, Charles Chaplin (...)

A set of „Keystone Mabel“ Normand

in four different poses, 50 cents

New York Motion Picture Corp.

Longacre Building 42nd St. and B‘way New York

(...) Moving Picture World & Motion Picture News, May 9, 1914

& Released Next Week

(May 4 to May 11, inc.) (...)

Note – The subject is in one reel of about 1,000 feet

unless otherwise noted. (...)

May 4 – Monday. Mutual (...)

The Morning Paper, and A Busy Day, split-reel, com, Key.

(...) Variety, May 1, 1914

& Exploiting Motion Pictures (...)

Comedy (...)

5-7   A Busy Day  Keystone   500

(...) Motography, Chicago, May 16, 1914

„So come and enjoy a real hearty laugh“


      „A Busy Day and The Morning Paper are

the titles of the Keystone comedies that will be shown at the

Grecian today. It is hardly necessary to describe

at length just how funny these pictures are. Everybody knows

that all Keystone pictures are funny; the only

difference is that some are funnier than others; so come and

enjoy a real hearty laugh.“ (...)         „Advertisement.“

      Grecian, 219 South El Paso Street, El Paso.

      A Busy Day is

      released by Keystone May 7, 1914.


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