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Getting Acquainted Clippings 1/21

Reel Life, New York, November 28, 1914.

Penographs of Leading Players

(...) Drawings of Gertrude McCoy, Marshal Neilan

Up Against A Good Thing, Northrup, Lund,

Lockwood, Jack Richardson, Chaplin, Mary Pickford,

Motion Picture, Dec. 1914

„Charles Chaplin (Keystone)“

Advertisement. „Mutual Releases“ (...)

      „Keystone“ (...)

      „Dec. 5 – Getting Acquainted“

      Getting Acquainted is released by Keystone Dec. 5, 1914.

      This Keystone comedy will be mentioned as „duped“

      in Moving Picture World, Oct. 9, 1915.

      Reel Life is published by the Mutual Film Corporation.


Alan Nevins & Henry Steele Commager, The Pocket History

of the United States, New York 1942:

      „In the presidential elections of 1916 Wilson was successful,

largely because he had ,kept us out of war.‘“


Am 28. Juli 1914 hat der Erste Weltkrieg begonnen –

„the european war“ wird er oft in amerikanischen Zeitungen

vorerst noch genannt.

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Chaplins Schatten

Bericht einer Spurensicherung