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The Great Dictator Clippings 64/369

Mary March, Modern Screen, February 1940.

Brown Derby, exterior by night, postcard,

California Historical Society Collection

& Brown Derby, exterior by day, postcard,

California Historical Society Collection

& One last Brown Derby picture of the late, beloved Douglas

Fairbanks, Senior – left to right Reginald Gardiner;

Mr. Blecke; Charlie Chaplin; Mrs. Blecke (Sylvia´s sister);

Paulette Goddard; Sylvia Fairbanks; Doug; Alexander

Korda, and Merle Oberon, director and co-star of „The Private

Life of Don Juan“ (1935), Doug‘s last motion

picture in a never-to-be-forgotten career.

(...) Photo, Photoplay, Feb. 1940

„How far he could or could not go“

Editorial content. „THE HUMAN SIDE OF A MENAGE

      Miriam Hopkins is one screen villainess who is not afraid

      of being typed!

      BY MARY MARSH“ (...)

      „He“ *** „and Charlie Chaplin talked of Chaplin‘s new

picture, The Dictator. Later, he made it possible

for Charlie to get information in Washington as to how far he could

or could not go in portraying this ticklish role.“

      *** (...) „the speaker, a man who had just returned from

Europe and was an authority on foreign affairs.“

      One photo. Miriam Hopkins.

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