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The Property Man Clippings 1/27

Sun, New York, July 26, 1914.

Strand, exterior by day, Nw York

(...) Moving Picture World, May 11, 1918

& Strand, entrance by day, New York, undated

& Strand, auditorium, New York

(...) Photoplay, April 1915

& Strand, auditorium, New York, udated

& Marta of the Lowlands Programme,

Strand Theatre, New York, week beginning Oct. 11, 1914,

cover and back side

„A new Keystone comedy”

Editorial content. „WITH THE MOTION PICTURES.

      Variety of Photo Plays Offered in

      the Larger Theatres.

      The leading photo play at the Strand Theatre this week

will be The Scales of Justice, a drama of love, duty

and the law, by John Rinehart, in which the Famous Players

Film Company is featuring Paul McAllister and Jane

Fearnley. Other film attractions will be a new Keystone comedy,

a scientific study made expressively for the Strand

called ,Scientia,‘ and the Strand Topical Review. There will

be new numbers by the orchestra and vocalists.“

      Strand, Broadway and 47th Street, New York.

      The Property Man is released by Keystone Aug. 1, 1914.

Redaktioneller Inhalt

Alan Nevins & Henry Steele Commager, The Pocket History

of the United States, New York 1942:

      „In the presidential elections of 1916 Wilson was successful,

largely because he had ,kept us out of war.´“


Am 28. Juli 1914 hat der Erste Weltkrieg begonnen –

„the european war“ wird er oft in amerikanischen Zeitungen

vorerst noch genannt.

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