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Reel Life, New York, January 24, 1914.

Emma Bell Clifton, Charles Chaplin, Henry („Pathe“)

Lehrman in „Making a Living,“ Keystone

(...) Reel Life, Jan. 31, 191

„Getting the proper light in the dark interiors“

Editorial content. „ Studio and Exchange Notes“ (...)

      „New York Motion Picture Corporation

      To keep up with their rapidly expanding business,

and to more adequately supply the demand for Keystone

Comedies, Mack Sennett, Vice-President and

Managing Director of the Keystone Company, is just completing

extensive enlargements in his studios and factory.

For the past three months the present plant at 1712 Allesandro

Street, Los Angeles, has been entirely too small for

the demands that were being put upon it.“ (...)

      „Mr. Henry Lehrmann, Keystone Director, has just

completed a two reel „Kid“ melodrama, featuring

the abduction of a juvenile heroine by the juvenile villain.“ (...)

      „The new program of three a week, and a two

reel special every month, recently adopted by the Keystone

Company, has caused Managing Director Mack

Sennett to hustle up all departments of the studio. A new stage,

60x80 feet, has just been completed, which, with the

old one now gives a total of over 300 square feet of working

room. All sets, props, and furnishings have been

added accordingly and there is now enough material to easily

keep eight or ten companies going. Four new directors,

with the same number of cameramen, have also been added.

This brings the list to a total of seven directors with

the accompanying seven companies of players. And all are

constantly at work turning out Keystone comedies.“ (...)

      „The Keystone Company is working on a newspaper story

which was taken in the linotype room of the Los Angeles

Times. This latter paper is one of the largest dailies in the United

States, and no other company has photographed the

linotype machines and presses before. The great difficulty lies

in getting the proper light in the dark interiors. This the

Keystone Company overcame by sending nearly five hundred

miles to San Francisco and obtaining arc lamps of

the most powerful rays, which, with the lamps secured in Los

Angeles, gave the desired effect.“

      Making a Living is released by Keystone Feb. 2, 1914.

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