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Variety, New York, December 5, 1919.

At the Moving Picture Ball (...)

      Charlie Chaplin with his feet,

      Stepped all over poor Blanche Sweet.

(...) A Photo-Play In 2 Reels, Words by Howard Johnson,

Music by Jos. H. Santly, Tempo di Movie, Vocal score,

illustrated cover with drawn images of Mary Pickford, Charles

Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and others, Leo. Feist, Inc.,

New York, 1920, Robert Cushman collection of sheet music,

Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture

Art and Sciences

„A five-reeler, called The Kid

Editorial content. „CHAPLIN‘S FIRST NATIONAL‘S.

      Charlie Chaplin has several more pictures to deliver to the

First National before the expiration of his contract with

them, which calls for an advance of $125,000 per negative.

Recently Chaplin asked that the advance be increased

to $225,000, basing this contention on the allegation that the

cost of production had increased to that extent. The

First National is understood to have replied they could not see

their way clear to do this.

      It is said that Chaplin has already completed a five-reeler,

called The Kid, which he is holding as the first release

he will make through the ,Big Four,‘ and which, it is claimed,

is by far the biggest and best picture he has ever made.“

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