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Edwin Schallert, Los Angeles Times, L. A., Cal., July 24, 1919.

At the Moving Picture Ball (...)

      Charlie Chaplin with his feet,

      Stepped all over poor Blanche Sweet.

(...) A Photo-Play In 2 Reels, Words by Howard Johnson,

Music by Jos. H. Santly, Tempo di Movie, Vocal score,

illustrated cover with drawn images of Mary Pickford, Charles

Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and others, Leo. Feist, Inc.,

New York, 1920, Robert Cushman collection of sheet music,

Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture

Art and Sciences

„Going to make pictures his profession“

Editorial content. „BRIEFS.

      THE SHOW CIRCLE“ (...)

      „By Edwin Schallert.“ (...)

      „Little Jack‘s Valuable.

      How‘d you like to receive an offer of a million dollars

for your child? And would you take it? Well, that all

depends. Anyhow Mr. and Mrs. Jack Coogan turned down

one they received the other day for baby Jack

Coogan, Jr., who is making such a hit with his dance

imitations in the 1920 Bathing Girl Revue

at Grauman‘s this week.

      The negotiations were started at the Alexandria

Hotel. It seems an elderly oil man had made the

acquaintance of little Jack in the lobby. On the evening

in question the man had called to him while the

little fellow was sitting with Mrs. Coogan, Sid Grauman and

Charlie Chaplin. A conversation followed, in which

the oil man in a serious tone told Mrs. Coogan he‘d give

$1,000,000 to be able to adopt Jack as his own

son. Of course, Mrs. Coogan laughingly refused. The next

evening the wife of the oil man accosted her and said:

,Mrs. Coogan, my husband is very ill today and did not sleep

a wink last night thinking of your little boy. We have

been married for years but have never had a child. My husband

thinks your little boy is the most wonderful little mortal

who ever trod the earth.‘

      Little Jack as well as Papa Jack Coogan were both with

Annette Kellermann in her Orpheum act. Mr. Coogan,

Sr., has decided he likes Southern California so well that

he‘s going to make pictures his profession, and at

present he is appearing with Fatty Arbuckle.“

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