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Easy Street Clippings 3/51

Motography, Chicago, January 13, 1917.

Chaplin Dolled Up, Motography, January 27, 1917 & Joker Chaplin Card, Motion Picture, January 1917 

„Nipped in transit“

Editorial content. „Bigger Chaplins Coming. Easy Street

is the next of the Charlie Chaplin comedies, produced under

Chaplin‘s $670,000 contract with the Mutual Film Corporation.

      Easy Street will be released on January 27, six weeks

from the date of previous release, and this signalizes

a new departure with regard to Chaplin features, decided on

after a conference between the famous comedian and

President John R. Freuler, as a result of which future Chaplins,

including Easy Street are to be even more pretentious

productions than those already issued.

      During rehearsals of Easy Street Mr. Chaplin notified

Mr. Freuler that owing to the large amount of extra

work and the great volume of material involved in the making

of this picture, he favored extension of production time

to six weeks, adding that as all future productions were to be

on a similarly enlarged scale, he felt it advisable to make

the intervening time between releases six weeks instead of

four weeks as hitherto.

      While the cost of the productions is largely increased

by this change, their tremendous popularity impressed

Mr. Freuler as warranting the additional expenditure of time

and the schedule was ordered arranged in accordance

with Mr. Chaplin‘s suggestion.

      Easy Street will be rushed to completion as soon as

Mr. Chaplin recovers from a slight accident that took place

during the filming of the piece last week. A property

lamppost fell on the comedian, inflicting slight contusions

from which he has now practically recovered.

      This play promises to be as funny as The Rink, which

is popularly declared to be one of the most hilarious

comedies Chaplin ever put out. Mr. Chaplin thinks the play will

be funnier than The Rink, since his friends ,out front‘

will have a laugh on him as well as at him. Chaplin‘s encounter

with the lamppost is said to be so funny it ,rocks the walls‘

of the studio, though the encounter probably hurt considerably.

Chaplin upset the lamppost, which fell in his direction.

He tried to elude it but failed. While making a regular ,Hal

Chase slide‘ to get out of the way Chaplin got nipped

in transit and pinned to the studio floor.“

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