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New York Tribune, New York, July 12, 1914.

Laughing Gas Title and Scenes

& Strand, exterior by night, New York, April 11, 1914

& Strand, auditorium, New York

(...) Photoplay, April 1915

& Proscenium Arch. Strand Theatre, New York, circa 1914,

Museum of the City of New York


      Ralph Errolle and Rosa Lind in Manager

Edel‘s Tabloid Musical Presentation of „Romeo and Juliet“

(...) Dramatic Mirror, June 1, 1918

„Supplemented by a Keystone comedy”

Editorial content. „,THE LITTLE GRAY LADY.‘

      Jane Grey very appropriately plays the title role

in the Famous Players production of The Little Gray Lady,

which is the feature attraction at the Strand

for the week.“ (...)

      „As usual, the programme will be supplemented

by a Keystone comedy and some topical and scientific pictures.“

      Strand, Broadway and 47th Street, New York.

      Laughing Gas is released by Keystone July 9, 1914.

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