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Film Daily, New York, June 2, 1933.

Charlie Chaplin as „The Great Dictator“

(...) Photo, Showmen's Trade Review Cover, Oct. 5, 1940

& SKIP IT! Groucho Marx, as Rufus T. Firefly,

Dictator of Fredonia, The Four Marx Brothers in Paramount‘s

Duck Soup,“ Directed by Leo McCarey.

(...) Ad, Motion Picture Herald, Oct. 14, 1933

& City Lights Scene

      „Charlie Chaplin, he has the wistfulness of ... a little fellow

trying to do the best he can.“ – Time.

(...) Time, quoted in International Photographer, July 1933

& Max Steiner

      Musical Director

      RKO RADIO Productions

(...) Photo, Hollywood Reporter, June 6, 1933

& What‘s a Hitler?

      Max Steiner does it this way. He says: „Do you know

what a Hitler is?“ You‘re supposed to say, „No.“

Then Max says: „A Hitler is any song that sells over five

thousand copies.“

(...) Hollywood Reporter, Feb. 22, 1934

& Now Accepting Bookings


      Sensational Authentic Films Smuggled Out

of Germany (...) Jewel Productions, Inc.

(...) Ad, Film Daily, July 6, 1934

& Call for Immediate Return of German

      Players Reported (...)

      Marlene Dietrich, also a Paramount player, during her

three months abroad, never once crossed the

boundary into Germany, and she returned to the United

States on a French boat, though she had sailed on

a German steamer. Before sailing for New York she was quoted

as saying: „I have a long contract in Hollywood

and I shall probably never again make films in Germany.“ (...)

Charles Chaplin and Max Reinhardt are included

in a suggestion by a Nazi propagandist to German „patriots“

all over the world to „get“ the „enemies of Nazi-dom“

according to the New York Daily Mirror. In a document by Dr.

Johann Von Leers, titled Jews Are Looking at You,

the comedian is characterized as „this boresome as well

as repellant yapping little Jew.“

(...) Motion Picture Herald, Sept. 30, 1933

„Now that he has seen Hitler get away with it

Editorial content. „Chaplin Reassured

      Charlie Chaplin is reported to be more convinced

that he can play a serious role with his trick mustache now that

he has seen Hitler get away with it.“

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