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Filmgoers Annual, London, 1932.

Edward Steichen (photographer), Charles Chaplin,

1931, pinterest

& Personality and Pictorialism in Portraiture

by Ernest Bachrach, Head of Still Department, R. K. O. Studio

(...)  As a rule, I have found it highly advantageous

to know my sitters relatively well. It is a common misconception

that screen stars are inevitably easy subjects

for the portrait artist. (...) A classic example, of course,

was recently cited by Edward Steichen, in an

article in a national magazine, when he stated that of all

of the many people whose portraits he had made,

the most nervous and camera-shy was – Charles Chaplin.

(...) American Cinematographer, Sept. 1932

„The finest comedy creation“

Editorial content. „Charlie Chaplin

      The greatest character of the screen, Charlie Chaplin,

is the creation of Charles Spencer Chaplin who was

born in London on April 16, 1889. Educated in Karno Comedy,

one of the finest schools of pantomime in the world,

he began appearing in silent films in 1913. He has made

a name unique in the world of motion picture. His

,little man‘ is the finest comedy creation of our time. People

who have never otherwise troubled to see a film find

in this creation a work of genius.“


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