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Motion Picture, New York, January 1930.

Grauman‘s Chinese, exteror by night, United Artists premiere

of Hell‘s Angels, Los Angeles, 1930, postcard

& And here‘s Hollywood by night – the first night of a new motion picture, which happens to be Hell‘s Angels at

Grauman‘s Chinese Theater. The crowds are waiting

for their favorite stars to arrive.

(...) Screenland, Oct. 1930

& Such popular players as Ben Lyon, James Hall,

and Jean Harlow are featured in Howard Hughes‘ picture,

Hell‘s Angels: but the real stars of the evening

are the airplanes – swooping, soaring, stunting through

the skies. A drama of the world war, this film, which

is all-talking, is one of the outstanding cinemas of the season.

(...) Screenland, Sept. 1930

& That Big Opening Photo by H. Harold Fisher – Here we

have it – a bird‘s-eye-ful of Hollywood itself gone

movie mad... Sid Grauman putting on two great shows

at once... A four-million-dollar one inside,

a sixty-thousand-dollar one outside... Searchlights

burning the sky, planes roaring and

looping above the dazed hordes... Hell‘s Angels!

(...) Motion Picture Classic, Aug. 1930

& Grauman‘s Chinese, exterior by night, United Artists

premiere of Hell‘s Angels, Los Angeles

(...) New Movie, Aug. 1930

„This picture had absolutely converted him to sound“

Editorial content. „Not silent one night: After all Charlie

Chaplin has said against talkies, and after his recent promise

to build his own studio and make only silent pictures,

he stood in the lobby of the Chinese on the opening night

of Hell‘s Angels and declared for the benefit of all and

sundry that this picture had absolutely converted him to sound!“


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