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The Circus Clippings 167/376

Photoplay, New York, January 1928.

The Best Pictures of the Month The Circus

(...) The Best Performances of the Month Charlie Chaplin

in The Circus

(...) Photoplay, Jan. 1928

& CHARLIE CHAPLIN in the Leading Role of The Circus

A Sonnet Impression of the Month‘s Best Performance –

With all the Pathos, all the wistful yearning

Of broken dreams behind a Pierrot mask –

(...) Photoplay, Jan. 1928

„Here is the same old inimitable Charlie“

Editorial content. „THE CIRCUSUnited Artists

      CHARLIE CHAPLIN turns circus performer in a story which

teems with spontaneous humor and yet maintains

the plaintive heart interest we have learned to expect from

Chaplin. Here is the same old inimitable Charlie of the

baggy pants, the well worn derby and the capable shoes, who

wanders penniless onto the circus grounds hungry

for just one hot dog to allay his several-day famine.“ (...)

      The Circus Scene.

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