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The Circus Clippings 358/376

Photoplay, New York, January 1929.

Movie Museum in Hollywood

By Mayme Ober Peak

Chaplin‘s Original Battered Old Derby, Lloyd‘s First „Specs“ and

Other Filmland Treasures Collected by Harry Crocker

(...) Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Oct. 14, 1928

„Rather sadly“

Editorial content. „A FEW months ago Harry Crocker

opened a motion picture museum in Hollywood.

He will close it January 1st. The biggest day‘s business

was $7.00. One woman drove up to the place

in a fine big car with a chauffeur, stepped out with two friends

to visit the museum, but became absolutely

horror-stricken when told that the price of admission

was twenty-five cents. „Oh, my land,“ she said,

„we‘re just out for a drive and we thought it was free.“

Somebody said to Harry, „It seems a pity, Mr. Crocker, that

Hollywood won‘t support a venture as fine and

clean as this.“ „I guess that‘s what‘s the matter with it,“

replied Mr. Crocker, rather sadly.“

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