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Harry Carr, Motion Picture, New York, May 1922.

Leo Kober (creator), Harry Carr, 1925

(...) Drawing, Motion Picture, Feb. 1926

& „Pay Day“ Held Second Week at the N. Y. Strand

      Crowds packed Broadway house

to capacity all last week to see


      in his latest comedy. (...)

      Play Day is Pay Day!

(...) Moving Picture World, April 22, 1922

„His far-famed and eloquent extremities“

Editorial content. „Speech of Gold

      By Harry Carr

      Hanging over the edge of a scaffolding, midway between

me and the blue California sky, were the two

most famous feet in the world. Charlie Chaplin was

directing a new comedy, and his far-famed and

eloquent extremities were expressive of his emotion.“ (...)

      Three photos.

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