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New York Tribune, New York, March 16, 1922.

Strand, exterior by day, marquee Welcome, Mr. Richardson,

Omaha, Nebraska

(...) Moving Picture World, July 21,1917

& Sanford Productions (...)

January 21, 1922. Dear Sirs:– We are flooded with inquiries

for our comedies, but what is more important to us,

is to convince you that our proposition is not „bull“ on which

to promote money to make, but a straight forward

business deal –“ (...) A Charlie Aplin contract will soon be of big

value in your territory.

(...) Picture-Play, Nov. 1925

& By the way, what is meant by

„the inimitable Chaplin“?

(...) Pictures and The Picturegoer, London, Oct. 1925

& Court Decides Against Amador

Injunction in Suit Brought by Chaplin Sustained

in Defendant‘s Appeal Action

THE decision in favor of Charlie Chaplin in his suit against

Charles Amador and Western Features Productions

in prohibit either from producing and distributing pictures

which Chaplin alleged were in imitation of those

in which he was the featured actor, has been sustained

by the Superior Court in a judgement rendered

on the appeal from the lower court by Amador and

Western Features.

In its judgement the Supreme Court enjoined the defendants

from „producing or exhibiting pictures in which

the public might be misled into thinking the featured actor“

was Chaplin.

(...) Motion Picture News, Oct. 3, 1925

& In order that he might ascertain for himself at first hand

whether Charles Amador, screen comedian, was

really purloining Charlie Chaplin‘s „stuff,“ a special showing

of some of Amador‘s films was given at the Horsley

studios, Hollywood, for the benefit of Judge Charles S. Crail.

(...) Exhibitors Herald, Oct. 28, 1922

& Amador Case Settled;

He‘ll Make More Films

Los Angeles, July 14. Superior Court Judge J. L. Hudner

in a final decision filed with the County Clerk

restrains Charles Amador, film comedian, from dealing

in or advertising any motion picture in which

the role created by Charlie Chaplin is played which will be likely

to deceive the public or motion picture exhibitors into

believing Chaplin is playing the role or part. However, under

the decision Amador is permitted to use the same

general costume as Chaplin.

Upon receiving word of the final decision the Stanford Production Company for whom Amador is working under the name

of „Charlie Aplin“ declared that they would begin immediately

to make pictures starring Amador under his proper name.

(...) Variety, July 15, 1925

& A special showing of The Gold Rush was given

at the Strand theatre (Omaha) last week

before members of the motion picture industry and

newspaper critics.

(...) Motion Picture News, Sept. 19, 1925

& Charlie Chaplin‘s impersonator,

who goes under the name of Charlie Aplin, is in town.

It is reported that he may appear in the prologue

during the showing of The Gold Rush, coming to the

Strand (Omaha).

(...) Motion Picture News, Sept. 26, 1925

& Superior Court Judge Hudner, after listening to arguments

in the Chaplin-Amador controversy for a new trial,

made by the attorneys for Chas. Amador, reserved decision.

(...) Variety, Aug. 19, 1925

& With the denial of a motion for a new trial on a change

of judgment by Superior Court Judge A. J. Hudner,

the Charlie Chaplin-Amador case is at a close. Recently Judge

Hudner issued an injunction restraining Amador

from posing as Charles Aplin, in which he or leading

characters imitate Charlie Chaplin

in dress, manner, make-up, costume or acting.

(...) Variety, Sept. 16, 1925

„In effort to stop Aplin from using famous make-up“

Editorial content. Chaplin vs. Aplin. This is not

Charlie Chaplin. It‘s Charlie Aplin. Chaplin has sued in effort

to stop Aplin from using famous make-up.“

      Photo International.

      In 1916 Charles  Amador, a mexican actor, changed

his name to Charlie Aplin.

      Chaplin vs. Aplin in The Gold Rush chronology

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