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Motion Picture News, New York, January 19, 1924.

The Gold Rush Set on Location, two photos

& Charlie Chaplin (...)

In fact, Charlie is one of the most interesting and extraordinary

conversationalists I ever talked to. He has a certain shy charm that makes an alluring setting for his words and ideas.

(...) Harry Carr, Motion Picture, March 1924

& Charlie Chaplin has about completed

his preparation and will start shooting his next comedy

the latter part of this week. As yet, it has no name,

nor has the cast been announced. It will be a snow and ice

picture, with many scenes to be made in the

Lake Tahoe region.

(...) Exhibitors Herald, Jan. 26, 1924

He has been much secluded in his home in Beverly Hills“

Editorial content. „Chaplin to Start Comedy for

      United Artists

      Signs of actual production activities are appearing

at the Charles Chaplin studios, where sets are being

built for the comedian‘s first comedy film to be released through

United Artists Corporation.

      Since Chaplin‘s return from New York to the Coast,

where he supervised the presentation of his dramatic

photoplay, A Woman of Paris, his first production for United

Artists, he has been much secluded in his home

in Beverly Hills, concocting ideas and fundamentals to inject

into the necessary continuity for his next comedy.

      While no title for the picture has as yet been definitely

decided upon, the story will revolve around the days

of the ‘Forty-Niners and serve as a comedy presentation

of the ,Gold Rush‘ and the early Klondike days.“

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