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Gladys Hall / A. W. Fletcher, Motion Picture, N. Y., Jan. 1923.

Pola Negri Cover

(...) Photoplay, March 1924

& Gladys Hall

(...) Modern Screen, Feb. 1935, detail

& A glimpse of Pola Negri‘s

Hollywood home from the garden.

(...) Picture-Play, March 1923

„He is ze great artist“

Editorial content. „We interview Pola Negri

      WE... Gladys Hall and Adele Whitely Fletcher

      Pola Negri... i. e. The Countess Chaulpez

      Extras... Maids, secretaries, hotel clerks, bellboys and

      other aids to royalty“ (...)

      „Gladys Hall (remembering rumors which have

connected the names of Madame Negri and Charlie Chaplin):

Which man do you like best on the screen?

Pola Negri (frankly): Ah, Charlie Chaplin. He is ze great artist.

And as just ze man – he is great, too. When I get to

California I see him again...“ (...)

      Two of five photos.

      See also Hall/Fletcher, We Interview Charlie Chaplin.

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