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Jim Tully, Photoplay, New York, January 1925.

Charlie Chaplin, Jim Tully, undated

& Emil Jannings empfängt Joseph

von Sternberg, den Regisseur seines neuen Ufafilms,

am Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten.

(...) Film-Magazin Cover, Berlin, Aug. 25, 1929

& Jim Tully, undated

Several casting directors should resign

Editorial content. „The Three Gamblers

      And such gamblers as Hollywood has never seen before

      By Jim Tully

      IT is a true tale they tell in Hollywood when the sun is down

and the lights are low. It concerns a young Austrian

director with a streak of genius who made a picture called

The Salvation Hunters for forty-five hundred dollars

that bids fair to be the sensation of the year. It also concerns

a young English actor named George Arthur who

plays in pictures as a vocation, but who proved himself

a financial wizard by avocation. He it was who

raised the forty-five hundred dollars. It also concerns Douglas

Fairbanks, as a patron of the arts.“ (...)

      „The Austrian looked about and found a young woman

to play the lead. She had been an extra girl, one

of those footsore and high-hearted and beautiful young

wanderers, in and out of the tinsel of Yessirland.

Her name was Georgia Hale. And she is a very great actress.

She has the beginning and the end of acting at her

finger tips. She does not act at all. She has poise, beauty,

a subdued something, a pathos, that divine flair

that one either has or has not, that evanescent thing known

by the hackneyed word called Soul.

      I watched her work in the picture. Charlie Chaplin and

the wife of a director sat near me. The director‘s wife

said to me, ,She reminds me of Betty Compson.‘ Me rejoinder

was, ,She‘s a thousand times greater than Betty

Compson.‘ Chaplin overheard and said, ,Yes, yes, she‘s very

much greater.‘

      Several casting directors should resign when they are

given the opportunity of seeing Miss Hale‘s work.“ (...)

      Photos. „George Arthur in a scene from

The Salvation Hunters, which all critics say is a knockout.

Forty-five hundred dollars is all it cost to produce it.“

     „Mary Pickford was so delighted with the

picture that she has asked Von Sternberg to direct her next


      „Three men who had a chance on a picture –

Josef Von Sternberg wrote the scenario, Douglas

Fairbanks bought an interest in the film, and George Arthur

scoured around and raised the money to make

The Salvation Hunters.“

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