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Variety, New York, September 2, 1925.

Chaplin vs. Aplin This is not Charlie Chaplin.

It‘s Charlie Aplin. Chaplin has sued in effort to stop Aplin from

using famous make-up.

(...) New York Tribune, March 16, 1922

& Chaplin Again Victor

(...) Film Daily, Sept. 16, 1925

& Inside Stuff on Vaudeville in Variety, Sept. 2nd, 1925 (...)


Who can stop CHARLES CHAPLIN and others from lifting

bits from Vaudeville? (...) FRANK WARD‘S FINGER

DANCE was lifted by CHARLES CHAPLIN and inserted in his

picture, The Gold Rush. (...) FRANK WARD

(...) Ad, Variety, Sept. 16, 1925

& The Gold Rush Scene

„Finger dancing

Editorial content. Inside Stuff

      on Vaudeville

      A similar bit of business occurs in the new Charlie Chaplin

picture, The Gold Rush, and Harold Lloyd‘s The Freshman

(not released until Sept. 20). It is the bit of both comedians when

on a dance floor commencing to lose their trousers.“ (...)

      „Also in the Chaplin picture is a piece of comedy business

new to the screen, and which will receive much credit

for originality. it is, however, a slight variation of the ,finger

dancing‘ as performed for a long while by Ward and

Culhane in vaudeville. Later Marty Culhane did the same thing

in Broadway cabarets. Chaplin adds his exquisite

pantomime to the bit, thereby taking it out of the usual.“ (...)

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