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Variety, New York, September 30, 1925.

Aldine, exterior by day, marquee unreadable,

Pittsburgh, May 5, 1935,

Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection

& An advance exploit on The Devil‘s Circus Used by Walter S.

Caldwell, of the Aldine Theatre, Pittsburgh,

the week before showing. The star and title were

painted in vivid colors on the backs

of the dancers, but do not show clearly in the photograph.

(...) Moving Picture World, July 17, 1926

& Prologue used by Loew‘s Aldine

Theatre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania., in connection

with an unusual short Thirty Years Ago,

released by Hal Hodes Short Film Exchange.

(...) Exhibitors Trade Review, Oct. 3, 1925

& Loew‘s Aldine Hilarity Week Joseph M. Schenck Presents Buster Keaton in „The Navigator“

(...) Moving Picture World, Nov. 29, 1924

& This stock cut on The Street of Forgotten Men

is a good title display, but the picture is just

that – a picture. It was used by Loew‘s Aldine Theatre,

Pittsburgh, in a three tens and probably was

selected because the circle gave a good display to the title.

(...) Moving Picture World, Sept. 26, 1925

& Loew‘s Aldine theatre, Pittsburgh, used this newspaper

ad on New Toys (First Nat‘l).

(...) Motion Picture News, Sept. 5, 1925

Loew‘s Aldine

Editorial content. „PITTSBURGH

      By Jack A. SimonS“ (...)

      „Loew‘s Aldine – The Gold Rush.“ (...)

      Aldine, 954 Liberty Avenue (Liberty and 9th St), Pittsburgh.

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