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Film Daily, New York, October 2, 1925.

Chaplin vs. Aplin. This is not Charlie Chaplin.

It‘s Charlie Aplin. Chaplin has sued in effort to stop Aplin

from using famous make-up

(...) New York Tribune, March 16, 1922

& In Omaha, Neb., when Peck‘s Bad

Boy was shown at the Strand, one of the leading department

stores promoted a kiddie party, the theatre

co-operating. An illustration shows the front of the theatre

with several of the guests who attended.

(...) Exhibitors Herald, Dec. 17, 1921

& 10c Strand (electric sign), exterior by night,

Omaha, Nebraska, Direction A. S. Black,

Original Gold Fibre Screen Minusa Cine Products Company

(...) Ad, Moving Picture World, March 4, 1916

& Nice front for Christie comedy film in 1922 at the Strand

Theatre in Omaha, Cinema Treasures

& Strand, exterior by day, marquee Welcome, Mr. Richardson,


(...) Moving Picture World, July 21, 1917

& Strand, exterior by day, marquee Third Floor Back,


(...) Moving Picture World, Aug. 3, 1918

& Charlie Chaplin‘s impersonator, who

goes under the name of Charlie Aplin, is in town. It is reported

that he may appear in the prologue during the

showing of The Gold Rush, coming to the Strand, Sept. 19.

(...) Motion Picture News, Sept. 26, 1925

& Strand Theatre – Film Numbers – The Gold Rush

(United Artists), continued, Fox News.

Musical Program – The Alaskan (Overture).

(...) Motion Picture News, Oct. 3, 1925

& Today - Mon - Tues - Wed (...) Dorothy Dalton in Hard Boiled (...)



Hear Harry H. Silverman‘s Strand Symphony Orchestra

(...) Strand Newspaper Ad,

Motion Picture News, April 19, 1919

& A special showing of The Gold Rush was given at the

Strand theatre last week before members

of the motion picture industry and newspaper critics.

(...) Motion Picture News, Sept. 19, 1925

All rolled up into one great laugh“

Editorial content. „The Gold Rush – United Artists.

      Strand, Omaha

      WORLD HERALD – The fact that it includes satire, drama,

comedy and pathos all rolled up into one great laugh,

makes it decidedly different from other comedies. Each episode

is faultlessly constructed and complete in itself. The

great and vital story of the Alaskan gold rush is unfolded

with an utmost simplicity at another.“

      Strand, S 18th Street and Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.

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