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Motion Picture News, New York, October 10, 1925.

Dr. Hugo Riesenfeld

(...) Motion Picture News, Nov. 7, 1925

& Tony Sarg (creator), „Shhh – h! – Here comes

the best picture on the program – Tony Sarg‘s Almanac

Hugo Riesenfeld, New York Distributors for

the New York and Northern New Jersey Territories

Rialto Productions

(...)  Motion Picture News, Sept. 10, 1921

„With a roll of drums and crash of cymbals“

Editorial content. „Your Idea and Ours“ (...)

      „Reisenfeld on Music

      The all-important matter of musical accompaniment

for pictures is dealt with interestingly in a past

issue of The Close-Up, published by Famous Players for its

theatre employes, by Dr. Hugo Riesenfeld, who has

charge of the Rivoli, Rialto and Criterion, New York City.“ (...)

      „Musical settings cannot be standardized.

If Charlie Chaplin in one of his comedies slips and falls,

he may well be accompanied with a roll of drums

and crash of cymbals. But it would be fatal to use such

an accompaniment for a scene where Valentino

falls to a tragic death.“ (...)

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