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The Gold Rush Clippings 306/363

John Addison Elliott, Picture Play, N. Y., November 1925.


He‘s coming to The Liberty Saturday in a new comedy,

Pay Day  Only 115 Hours Off!

– Mr. Sayre‘s advertising is always good, but every

little while he comes across with something that simply peels

the skin off your eyelids. (...)

(...) First of four ads by J. W. Sayre for Pay Day at the Liberty

Theatre, Seattle, Washington,

Moving Picture World, June 24, 1922

& Charles Chaplin on the witness stand during

the Charles Amador Trial

(...) Los Angeles Times, Feb. 27, 1925

On the witness stand

Editorial content. „Charlie Chaplin Wins His Derby

      And in winning his fight in the courts, he has established

      a precedent which Hollywood believes will protect

      the fans against future imitators of other stars.

      By John Addison Elliott

      Every fan who has ever come out of a movie theater,

disgusted at having seen a poor imitation of one

of his favorite stars, will be interested to know that Charlie

Chaplin‘s successful fight to keep his imitators off

the screen will do much to discourage that type of effort

in the future.

      Chaplin‘s suit was to restrain one Charles Amador from

adopting his style of dress and mannerisms and from

appearing on the screen under the name of ,Charlie Aplin.‘

      On the witness stand Chaplin told of his years

of effort to develop an entity that would be known by sight

whenever on the screen.“ (...)

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      Liberty, 1520 First Avenue, Seattle, Wash.

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