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Burlington Free Press, Burlington, Vermont, February 27, 1914.

Between Showers Scenes


Keystone Comedies (...)

February 28th

Between Showers


A Film Johnnie

(...) Motion Picture News, Feb. 28, 1914

& Mutual Films. (...)

Keystone. (...)

Feb. 28 – „Between Showers.“

(...) New York Clipper, Feb. 21, 1914

& World in Motion.

      The second reel of „Our Mutual Girl,“ the greatest photoplay

ever produced, will be shown to-day. (...) „The Carbon

Copy,“ American film with Winifred Greenwood and Edward

Coxen, and a Keystone comedy, „Between Showers,“

makes this an exceptionally strong program.                (adv.)

(...) Burlington Free Press, Feb. 27, 1914

Between Showers Keystone“

Advertisement. „WORLD IN MOTION“ (...)

      Our Mutual Girl (...)

      The Green Eyed Devil (...)

      Between Showers Keystone“ (...)

      The Carbon Copy“ (...(

      World in Motion Theatre, Burlington.

      Between Showers is released

      by Keystone Feb 28, 1914.


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