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Modern Times Clippings 222/382

Photoplay, New York, January 1936.

Modern Times Pressbook 1936

& He stands alone as the greatest entertainer of modern times!

(...) Film Daily, Jan. 31, 1936

& A jolly old informal evening at writer-supervisor Carey

Wilson‘s home. Back, the host, Arlene Judge

(Mrs. Wesley Ruggles), Mrs. Wilson (Carmelita Geraghty).

Front, Paulette Goddard (Where‘s Chaplin?), Wesley,

Jean Fenwick.

(...) Photoplay, Jan. 1936

& Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard are

spiking romance-ends rumors

by being seen together again in the night spots.

(...) Cal York‘s Gossip of Hollywood,

Photoplay, Jan. 1936


(...) Modern Times. A dramatic comedy based on mass production

in a big factory. Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard

(...) Variety, Jan. 22, 1936

„Less and less in the company of the charming Paulette“

Editorial content. „If you believe in signs, the frigidaire

is working on Charlie and his love light, Paulette Goddard. Even

those who have insisted that Charlie and Paulette have

been married all these many romantic moons, have noticed

that the superb jester is being seen less and less in the

company of the charming Paulette.“

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