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Modern Times Clippings 378/382

Cinématographie Française, Paris, February 26, 1937.

Les Temps Modernes Poster

& Medal for Chaplin

(...) Variety, Feb. 12, 1936

& Chaplin Awarded Medal

(...) Motion Picture Daily, Feb. 14, 1936

& Ceiling Hero. Cutouts of Chaplin

from Modern Times were suspended from ceiling of Toledo

five-and-ten to tie in plug promoted by Wally Caldwell for date

at Loew‘s Valentine

(...) Motion Picture Herald, April 11, 1936

& Krendel Challenges Typists On Modern Times Contest. Novelty dodgers were distributed by Dan Krendel, Tivoli, Toronto

for Modern Times to business colleges, high school commercial

classes and office buildings. Card contained figure

of Chaplin done entirely on the typewriter and stenogs were

challenged to copy it. To the first 20 turning in neatness

and nearest likeness tickets were awarded. Tieup was arranged

with local dairy to install bar in lobby (see photo) at which

free malted milks were dispensed.

(...) Motion Picture Herald, June 13, 1936

„Lancement original“

Editorial content. „Lancement original des Temps modernes

à Oran dû à l‘initiative de M. Louis Greck, chef de publicité des Etablissements J. Seiberras.                           Photo P. Teuma“

      Les Temps Modernes à Paris et en France.

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