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Louella O. Parsons, S. F. Examiner, S. F., Cal., May 19, 1928.


      UNITED ARTISTS Pictures


      1929 (...)

      Charlie Chaplin

in „CITY LIGHTS.“ A rollicking, laughing, whirling story

of the boulevard and the night club. An original story written

by Mr. Chaplin and to be directed by him. Supported

by Merna Kennedy and Harry Crocker. (...)

      19 United Artists Pictures for 1928-29

      in the order of their release. (...)


      Charlie Chaplin

      „CITY LIGHTS“ (...)

Good Business


(...) Variety, July 4, 1928

      Virginia Cherrill will be the leading woman in City Lights,

      not Merna Kennedy.


      Today more than ever before Good Pictures are the

foundation on which this business must rely. (...)

                                                    Joseph M. Schenck

                                                     President and Chairman

                                                     Board of Directors (...)

Under the twenty-one autographs Charles Chaplin.


(...) Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture

World, July 14, 1928, detail

„Out of a clear sky the name came to him“

Editorial content. „,City Lights,‘ Title of

      Chaplin‘s New Comedy


      Motion Picture Editor Universal Service.

      LOS ANGELES, May 18. – You would never suspect

a small thing like a title would keep half of Hollywood

guessing. Charlie Chaplin just couldn‘t find a name that

conveyed the idea of his next comedy and he had

all his friends offering suggestions. Joseph Schenck came

through with one. Sam Goldwyn offered something

else and even Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks offered

to christen the unnamed child before they sailed for

Europe. But all offers were rejected.

      Charlie has his own ideas. Out of a clear sky the name

came to him and he was as much overjoyed as if

an unknown relative had suddenly died and left him a fortune.

He is calling his next comedy City Lights. It is a story

by Chaplin and it is promised to the fans for November.“

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