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Motion Picture, New York, June 1925.

Chaplin vs. Aplin. This is not Charlie Chaplin.

It‘s Charlie Aplin. Chaplin has sued in effort to stop Aplin

from using famous make-up.

(...) Photo, New York Tribune, March 16, 1922

& Charles Chaplin in Court,

Los Angeles, 1925

& Here is Charles Chaplin on the witness stand

in the Los Angeles Superior Court, where he sued to restrain

Charles Amador from copying his screen make-up.

The poster beside Charley was part of the evidence in the case

(...) P. & A. Photo, Motion Picture, June 1924


Court Holds Amador May Also Don

Baggy Pants, Derby Hat and Jiggling Mustache.

(...) New York Times, July 12, 1925

& Charlie Courts Fame

Charlie also won a place in the spotlight not long ago

during his suit against Charles Amador, known

on the screen as Charlie Aplin, and alleged by the Chaplin

forces to be an all-too-insistent imitator of the

well-known comedian‘s make-up and style. Charlie had to testify

in his own behalf and had to answer such

embarrassing questions as wether he thought he was

a good box-office attraction, or wether he felt

that his name really meant anything to the public, and cite sundry

other causes why he might consider himself an artist

of great appeal and popularity. Be it said for him that he met

the ordeal quite as an actor should, and we hope that

any time anybody else gets into the courts they will give an

equally serious and consistent performance.

(...) Edwin and Elza Schallert, Picture-Play, May 1925

& After a partial hearing on a motion for

a new trial of the suit involving the use of Charlie

Chaplin‘s costume on the screen.

(...) Variety, Aug. 5, 1925

& Looks as though Charlie Chaplin and Charles

Amador who appeared on the screen as „Charlie Aplin“

are going to battle all over again.

(...) Variety, Aug. 5, 1925


Editorial content. „Motion Picture Magazine

      The Answer Man“ (...)

      „Louise G. – What? Charlie Chaplin without

his little black mustache? Horrors! Wait until you see him

in The Gold Rush.“ (...)

     The Gold Rush Release Date is Aug. 16, 1925.

      Egyptian, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

      The Gold Rush opens June 26, 1925.

      Strand, B‘way at 47th St., New York.

      The Gold Rush opens Aug. 15, 1925.

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