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Modern Times Clippings 331/382

World Film News, London, April 1936.

Modern Times Reissue Poster Drawing, 1970s,

Chaplin For The Ages

& Fernand Leger vor seinem Chaplin-Bild

(...) Querschnitt, Berlin, Aug. 1928

& There was a cubic man and he walked a cubic mile

and he found a cubic sixpence upon a cubic style.

He had a cubic cat which caught a cubic mouse and they

all lived together in a little cubic house – „A slight

attack of third dimentia (sic) brought on by excessive study

of the much-talked of cubist pictures in the

International Exhibition“ Armory Showat New York“

by John French Sloan, April 1913

„Drawn with great sensibility“

Editorial content. „Chaplin Poster Criticised

      A simple and memorable design. Instantaneously

recognisable likeness, drawn with great sensibility. Could have

been one of the most distinguished recent advertisements,

had McKnight Kauffer´s drawing been left unimpaired by advertiser‘s self-willed and discordant typography. Zéro.“


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