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Modern Times Clippings 35/383

Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles, February 9, 1933.

Charles Chaplin opens Hotel Adlon Room Door,

Carlyle Robinson in background, Keystone, Berlin 1931

& Florence Gould shakes hands with Charles Chaplin,

Carlyle Robinson is at left – Nizza, March 31, 1931,

Discovering Chaplin

„Blocked out a lengthy feature article“

Editorial content. „Last year, when Charlie Chaplin

was in Europe, a magazine of large national circulation

got hot for a 50,000 word chapter story by Charlie

on observations while on his trip around the world. The

periodical sent a representative from New York

to Paris to close a deal with Chaplin. This was done,

with Carlyle Robinson, the comedian‘s press

agent, handling the details and obtaining a high per word

rate for Charlie. But soon after Chaplin returned

to Hollywood, Robinson was dropped from the payroll.

His claim that Charlie had promised him a cut

on the magazine article (still unwritten), was turned down.

So the press agent who had been with the comedian

for the greater part of 15 years is said to have blocked out

a lengthy feature article, Charlie Chaplin As I Knew

Him. The idea, it is understood, has already been accepted

for syndication in both England and the United States,

and a British publisher will bring it out later in book form.“


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