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Modern Times Clippings 78/382

Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles, January 29, 1934.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles, undated, postcard

& Ginger Rogers, Howard Hughes,

Gold Room Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles, 1937, ebay

„Also at the Beverly Wilshire“

Editorial content. „Lotsa parties over the week-end“ (...)

      „There was the Herman Mankiewiczes dinnering at which

Greta Keller warbled divinely but not long enough...

Ernst Lubitsch and Greta Koerner reminisced for hours

in German but didn‘t say anything that could have

been amiss in English! George Cukor, Jean Negulesco,

the Sam Jaffes, the Dick Rodgers, the Edwin Knopfs,

Ben Wasson, Helen Gwynn, Arthur Kober, Alice Glazer among

those present... Kay Frances gave a soiree

too, at which the Clive Brooks, the Dick Barthelnesses,

Virginia Gilbert, Jock Whitney, the Freddie

Frelinghuysens, Corinne Griffith, Maurice Chevalier, Lewis

Milestone, Eddie Kane, Countess di Frasso,

Bert Collins, Freddy Kruger and other dined and

backgammoned... But the week-end antics

of the David and Myron Selznicks were something! They

leaped into a plane Saturday at noon, which

plane also carried the Sol Rosenblatts, and flew down

to Caliente for a quick lunch, a quick bet on

the races, a quick nip and a quick trip back to the Beverly

Wilshire for dinner and a quick dance! Also at

the Beverly Wilshire were Charlie Chaplin and Paulette

Goddard, King Vidor with Betty Hill, Joan Blondell

and George Barnes, Sue Carol, Walter Wanger, Mary Nash

and Edward Everett Horton.“

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