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It‘s the most comprehensive representation

of Chaplin reception ever put together.

Discover Chaplin with picturegoers laughing uproariously in large contemporary

motion picture theatres. Flyer.

      Es ist die umfassendste Darstellung, die jemals

      zur Chaplin-Rezeption zusammengetragen

      worden ist. Entdecken Sie Chaplin bei Lachstürmen

      der Kinogänger in riesigen zeitgenössischen

      Filmtheatern. Flyer.


In the prologue

Charlie Chaplin‘s impersonator, who goes under

the name of Charlie Aplin, is in town. It is reported

that he may appear in the prologue during the

showing of The Gold Rush, coming to the Strand, Omaha. More.


The performers talked

I went to the circus to get a story „behind the scenes“

of the „big top,“ and the performers talked – of

Charlie Chaplin. The next day I went to see Charlie to

get a line on his next picture, and he talked – of the circus. More.


For a late November release

Production on Charlie Chaplin‘s next picture

will start at the Chaplin plant before the

end of the month. It will be handed over to United

Artists for a late November release. More


Came all the way from L. A.

One of the newspapers quoted Ford as saying:

„Mr. Chaplin, I came in from Dearborn, twenty miles,

to meet you.“ Chaplin is reported to have replied,

„Mr. Ford, I came all the way from Los Angeles to see you.“ More.


Wer Hitlern ins Gesicht blickt

Am 11. Januar 1932 schreibt Rudolf Arnheim

unter dem Titel Chaplin als Erzieher

im Berliner Tageblatt: „Wer Hitlern ins Gesicht

blickt, dem muss Charlie Chaplin einfallen.“ Mehr.

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Shadow-box on The Gold Rush

at the Tivoli Theatre, 709 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1925,

using the drop cut-out in the shape of

a Chaplin shoe.

Chaplins Schatten

Bericht einer Spurensicherung